Tricia - March Style Update

Most of the images are taken from my blog. It's a lame update, but next month will be packed with awesomeness for sure! :P

Time to bring out the summer dresses!! Although I was wearing boots with this outfit. ^__^;

Close-up! *__*

A better view of the whole outfit. I reeeeeally need to get one of those high-waisted belts because it definitely would've given me a better shape here. I'm just very picky and on top of that, a lot of belts don't fit me because I'm too small. T__T

OL style! xD! Outfit was kinda boring, so here's a snap of just my hair. ♥

Night out with friends! This white Gilfy hat doesn't get worn much, so I thought I'd bring it out that night.

Only full body shot I have of my outfit. Very simple, yes... ~_~

So that concludes my boring style update!! xD! Stay tuned for next month's... ♥


  1. Very cute! I have the same problem with waist belts. Try Forever 21, they have a TON of belts right now, especially if you live near a Love 21!

    V. Cute style!

  2. Aww I like your outfits! You look so pretty :D

  3. Wow! You are really cool!
    I love your style so much!
    Your blog is gorgeous! *O*

  4. OMG your so cute!! I love your style very fresh!