We're a group of girls brought together under our love for the gyaru/GAL fashion scene and lifestyle. Gal in the western world started fairly small a few years ago, and the earlier years of gal style in the U.S. emulated the original wild ganguro and manba styles and gal-circles in Japan, where girls united together for the fashion, but also for the air of inclusion. So the circles formed with the intention of bringing gals together, but the subculture was so small and so spread out across the States, that the only promise for meeting other GALs--since none could be found in your neighborhood--would be to travel a distance to meet at events. These events were originally held at conventions, until the population of U.S. gals began to grow immensely, offering the opportunity for better organization and availability of these events. With this purpose, DIAMOND gal-circle hopes to bring gal to masses.