Dolly - March Style Update

Ahh, I hate excuses as much as the next person but... my style update is a little cheating :P I posted these up on my blog and what not but I haven't taken any more recent pics since... I always forget to and I haven't been going out lately since I've been sick the past week :( Anywho...

Wore this to meet up with some old friends... cold rainy day :(

Tried a spring outfit only to find out... I'm not much for lace and floral. I think soft makeup is necessary to improve this look but ugh, pony tails and light eyeliner just doesn't feel so gal on me. I so jealous of other girls who can work it ~_~

Hah, pale legs. I NEED TO TAN!!! Sucks for me either way because my skin doesn't hold color for very long no matter how tan I get. In a few months I always go back to being pale as paper. I HATE IT...


  1. Such cute coordinates! I have a hard time trying to get with this Spring's trends, too. I'm not used to all these pastels (too much love for monotone!), but I think you carry it off well. You look really cute!

    Love you, Diamondgals! I sent some love your way in my blogroll today & just wanted to tell you!

    Posted here: http://misspjoy.blogspot.com/2010/04/breathe-stretch-saturday-blogroll.html & on my tumblr. Keep up all the cute, gals!

  2. Girls... you are so HOT! *w*

  3. Your so pretty I love your eye make-up and your hair!