Lisha - March Style Update

march 26(why its the first pic, idk) lol

march 26 make. no nose stripe this time :(

knit top i made a few semesters ago

gal meet up like, a week or so ago

studying and dread work style lol!! aka bumming around the house wear

working on dreads for my next hairstyle( so my hair can rest for a month or so, length 24 inches[down to my waist])colour scheme :pink, silver, dark silver, white, dark blue, light blue

nothin too interesting happening. just workin on eye make up, and trying to see when i can come back to cali again!! :D
doing dreads still, so if you know anyone that is into it, tell them about me!! lmao : D

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  1. that hair style will be so pretty and how are you sealing your dreadlocks steaming them?