Lisha, Tricia, Dolly, LA - April Style Update


when i met jade and jessica~

at the library
i didnt realize that face until wayyyy after! lol so creepy lmaoo (before i put on my hair piece)

this girl FREAKED out when she saw me lol because she really liked manbas lol XD

me, moga, tomo, and amber. we got kicked out because we parad and drew a large crowd. :/

last fri~

Hello! Here is my style update! Photos from my blog again... xD

The casual outfit I wore to Tune in Tokyo's DJ Sisen & Moon Kana event. I started to regret it once I saw how decked out the other gals were. T__T

Practice run on new make-up style for the gal party!

Everyone's seen tons of photos from this event already, so I'll only post one. It's the only full body shot I have on my camera. With Chiaki~! ♥

Before curling my hair for a date with my boyfriend... Trying to look sexy here lol...

And after!! These were posted on my blog earlier today~ Thanks for looking!! This concludes my style update. ^__^

Pictures from my blogger/events. I sure some of you already seen all these or something XD

Tune in Tokyo night... First time experimenting with cutting bottom lashes (kinda). Also, I've been playing with photoshop effects in my photos :P

Experimenting with a few new lipsticks I bought. Red :D Also, was aiming for more natural, less time-consuming makeup in this pic. I think it's much easier to do for school schedule. It's not really dramatically gal or anything though :( But I bought new blue contacts and they look good here. :D

Party pictures, I'm sure people already saw. Played around with bottom lashes again but they were less dramatic than I wanted :( Everyone's outfit was so nice! I ended up buying something last minute so I kinda hated my outfit XD Oh well, next time!!

im noo longer a dark hair gal [ sorry kaizo =( ]
i got exuste & wigs now to let my natural hair grow grow grow!!

The first hair i did was a weave!
i did a glue in with an invisible part! it looked really good but only for about a week... which sucked becus it took me like 12 hours to complete!!! and the glue was pulling on my scalp really bad so it came off in like 2 weeks

i got better pics on my cell but icant transfer them to the internet

so after that i bought a lace wig online for $60 [includ. shipping]
the wig is 27 inches i believe? really long & heat resistant so i use hot rollers every morning i get ready

outfit i wore to school INSPIRED BY LISHA!!!!



The girl the wit tge bow is moga shes our newest member!!!

promo i made for ACEN this year, im excited n hope we meet some pretty gals or something!
were getting tshirts & a banner made for it! wish us luck!!

mini & mickey my boo won for me at gameworks <33 alt="" style="width: 352px; height: 197px;" src="http://i566.photobucket.com/albums/ss107/amaralew_GAL/IMAG0015-2.jpg">

mini mouse charm bracelet watch i bought for work

hazel contacts i bought, but johnnys mom threw away for some reason =((


the cool thing about my lace wig is how it truely is invisible! the only way people can tell its fake is the long hair, and because my curls are so full n bouncy! but even so, i do the curls on my own so im not sure why people keep asking me if its my real hair!
the wig comes with glue or tape u can glue the wig to your hairline so you can wear it in ponytails and workout in it!!
i got mine from http://www.gobunnys.com/ but you can find them anywhere, even on ebay!
just search lace front wig. synthetics are cheaper and humans are outrageous!? shyyyt.. i WISH i had 400 bucks to blow on a wig!

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